Entry Way Décor Storage

As a serial decorator, I’ve amassed quite a trove of basic décor items.  There are the usual suspects: platters, baskets, candle sticks, etc.  From the moment we signed on the dotted line, I’d planned to store all of these items in a cabinet of some sort in the entry way and this wonderful find fit the bill perfectly.  Now that we’re in the house, it was just a matter of organizing everything in this new ‘home’.  I finally unpacked and sorted all of my décor items last week, which left me with this mess.


Although this inventory fluctuates with use, I wanted each type of item to have a specific spot in the dresser, so finding things would be easier.  I started with the larger items – vases, glass cloches, baskets and made sure they’d fit in the two cabinets.  One small drawer holds all my candles, the other has all my scentsy bars and hooks.

DecorAfterThere is a drawer for ‘fillers’, another for ‘containers’ and one for misc items that I use sporadically.  Not only was I able to fit everything that wasn’t in use somewhere in the house in this one piece, I still have one whole drawer empty!  That means there’s room to grow my collection!  Woo Hoo!  I feel a thrifting spree coming on! 🙂

That large mirror – another bargain find at just $30 on a local buy/sell page – sitting on top will soon hang over the dresser.  It might get a facelift after a while, but for now it will work just fine with the dresser’s rustic finish.

I’m excited to start decorating this new space for each holiday, creating a warm welcome for our guests. So now I want to know.  Do you decorate your entry way?  If so, do you go all out or keep it simple?


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