A Little More Storage

BathClosetAfter finishing the Master closet storage system, the hubs installed the shelving in the hall bathroom closet and I quickly organized the contents of the last two boxes for that space.  We decided that the steam cleaner, vacuum and other floor cleaning tools would live in this space so he installed the first shelf high enough to accommodate that.  He continued the same shelving material and design as he did in the pantry.

BathClosetDoneBecause I didn’t need this space to do much beyond holding towels and toiletries I didn’t pre-plan the layout, which was frustrating for the hubs who wanted specific guidance on what I would like.  We talked it through and hashed it out as we went and I think it turned out great.

The top shelf holds those infrequently used items like the humidifier and fan along with the “dog towels” since the tub in this bathroom is where they would be bathed when they are do get a wash at home.  The next shelf hold all those medications that seem to accumulate from nowhere.  Next was spare towels, which I wanted within easy reach for guests and potential future human chitlins.  The bottom shelf holds the first aid kits (both human and animal – because we’re that kind of household LOL) and bandages, along with the plethora of spare toothbrushes my dentist continues to send me home with even though he knows I have a Sonicare toothbrush.  With a little arranging, everything fit really well.  I might add a stair step organizer to the shelf with all the medications on it to make it function a little better, but for now it’s easily accessible and it fits.

BathClosetLightBecause the space doesn’t have a dedicated light fixture, the ambient light from the vanity light is all there is.  To alleviate this, the hubs also added a small LED light bar near the door for a little extra illumination when needed.  I don’t think we’ll need it often, but when we do it will be nice to have at the ready.  But what I like best about it is that it didn’t cost a dime, because we had it from a previous project that no longer needed it.

I recently found a new rug and shower curtain for this bathroom and also got some decor up, so now I just have a few finishing touches to make this room complete – which will be one of the first to be so in the house!  Stay tuned to see the end result very soon! 🙂

So I Went a Little Shoe Fanatic..

After the pantry, the Master Closet was the next priority project.  We had a plan all drawn up and ready so the hubs just started cutting and installing.  Unfortunately, he was transferred to an overnight shift just before the move, so this drastically affected how much he could get done in a day.  That meant that the ladders and tools that had cluttered the kitchen for the first few days post move, now resided in our bedroom and closet for approximately a week.



For those of you who know me personally, you’ll understand that just thinking about that makes me itch because I can’t stand clutter in any sense.  Finding an outfit for work from the wardrobe boxes each morning was wearing thin and I still hadn’t found my office shoes, jewelry or purses.  Although I was trying to keep my side of the room as organized as possible, the hubs had gone the ‘man route’ and had stuff everywhere and anywhere.  I involuntarily twitched every time I walked past his side of the bed.

My side of the room.
And his side...
And his side…

About the time he’d gotten my side of the closet almost finished, I found the box with my shoes and purses.  I pulled out a few pairs of heels to get me through the upcoming days and put them along the wall in the closet, because well, that’s where shoes belong.   I knew he would be cutting a hole in the wall to flush mount my full length mirror jewelry cabinet soon, so I held off unpacking my wardrobe and spent a half hour covering all of my shoes to protect them from the dust that would be created.  Apparently I didn’t do a good enough job, because I came home to this the next day.


He’d realized that my shoes had gotten dust on them, so he thought the best option was to move them into the bathroom away from the dust.  So there they were, on my bathroom counter.  Who knows what germs those beauties held on their soles, which were now on my counter!  When I noticed there were also Sasquatch sized “dust” foot prints on the bathroom rug, I asked if Big Foot had broken in to try on my shoes while I was at work!


I began cleaning shoes individually, which resulted in pockets of saw dust being spilled out of the inside of each all over the floor.  It was at this point that I pitched a full on fit, which the hubs believed was fully directed at him and his efforts to install the closet.  Many huffs and puffs from both of us and a long talk later, I was able to explain that it was the feeling of living and unpacking “in construction” that had me irritated rather than him.

We set a deadline to get the closet done and tidied up what we could for the time being.  Luckily, he finished up a few days later and I was finally able to unpack all of my clothing and organize everything in the new space.

Well worth the wait!  The trim leaning against the mirror will be used to cover the gap between the cabinet and the wall.
Well worth the wait! The trim leaning against the mirror will be used to cover the gap between the cabinet and the wall.
My side!
My side!
My side also has long hanging space and room for my boots!
My side also has long hanging space and room for my boots, which I’d planned to keep by the mirror!
His side
His side

The ottoman under the mirror holds the laundry bags I use for dedicates and at-home dry cleaning, but it also makes for a great spot to sit in the mornings and put on my socks or nylons.  You might have noticed the trim molding on our access panel is missing.  The builder’s foreman said he moved the panel a few times and it “just fell off.”  Sure… whatever, it’s a moot point now.  I’ll eventually get a rug to cover the panel anyway so it’s not a huge deal, and it worked out because that’s right where the laundry baskets sit so it would have actually been in the way.  I also still need to add the crown molding shelves to hold all my heels, but that will come in time.  For now they can live lined up against the wall.

Overall it’s just what I envisioned.  There’s a spot for everything and there’s still room to grow!  Which most women would probably agree is worth the week or two of stress involved to get to say that. 🙂