Our New Rock Garden


We’ve been working on one of my big projects for the summer over the past several weeks and although it’s still a ways away from being completely done, it’s finally at a point where I can share the progress.  Check out the new landscaping around our back deck!  It’s been an intensive project, especially since we’re sourcing all of the rock from else where around our property, but that keeps cost low.  Here’s how the space looked just after the Hubs tilled it right before Memorial Day weekend.


Talk about a blank slate!  But I had a vision and have evolved the plan as we’ve put it together.  The biggest break in this project came when I spotted some boxes on the side of the road with some green sprouts sticking out of them.  We were on a schedule to get somewhere so I didn’t dare ask the Hubs to stop to investigate and when we came home later that day we used an alternate route so I was sure they had likely been claimed.  Luckily, the next day we drove by again and they were still there so this time I made the Hubs pull over and quickly stashed this amazing haul in the truck!


Big beautiful columbine plants!  And there were lots of them too!  I could have filled this whole bed with them, but I didn’t want this area to be all about one thing, so a few of the larger ones went in this bed and the rest found homes in the gifted garden and the rain garden.  Here’s how things were looking mid-way through after I’d planted the columbines and a few other plants, including a spirea I weathered over in the pot from the end of last season and a couple new plants from a local charity plant sale.


And here’s how things are looking these days.  I’ve still got a lot to fill in along the edge of the deck and plan to put more rock a bit under the deck to complete the look, but I’m super happy with how it’s looking so far.


Here’s a view of the far side where the Hubs added steps so we no longer have to walk all the way around the deck to go feed the chickens!


I’ll be sure to share the finished project when it’s all done, but until then enjoy this before and after!  From a mess of weeds to a defined space.  What a difference!



Any guesses what I’ll be working on this weekend? 😉