The Struggle is Real

As the name of this blog implies our home is constantly filled with dust bunnies.  It’s a daily struggle just to keep up, even with the addition of Roomba, who we run several times a week.  Recently I noticed he was leaving behind little piles of fur on the edges of rugs but hadn’t signaled that he needed to be emptied.  I knew he was probably nearing that point so I flipped him over to check and discovered that the fur was actually just collecting on and around the brushes rather than getting pushed into the dirt compartment; plus it had wound around the gears of the brushes as well!


I spent the next 10 minutes tediously digging the hair out of several little nooks and crannies in the brush compartment and behind the front wheel.  It was amazing how much fur was stuffed inside – just look at the monster dust bunny it created on the floor as I pulled it out!

2And that doesn’t include what was actually in the dirt compartment!  This is the reality of a three dog + one cat home!  But these goofy mugs and the love they give make it worth it, so we’ll continue to be the Dust Bunnies and Dog Toys household!  trio

And if you wonder why I don’t mention cat toys in that moniker, it’s because she’s too dignified to have silly toys like those heathens. Instead she has things us humans bring home for her approval. Like baby carriages, boxes and small yet important parts of larger things, which she skillfully hides to test our hunting abilities. I’m sure she’s very discouraged by our lack of skill in that department! 🙂

The Royal Carriage


Recently I was editing client photos in the office and heard the sound Luna makes as she’s falling asleep nearby, but she was no where to be found.  I looked around and soon discovered she had curled up in the antique baby carriage I’d recently brought home as a newborn prop and put in the corner of the studio.  Not only was she a perfect fit for the little stroller, but she seemed so comfy she didn’t even open her eyes when I moved a box sitting next to the carriage.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pull the carriage out a bit and quickly put up a backdrop to capture a few shots.


I might not have newborn shots of all my fur babies, but this ranks right up there with that!  Her siblings were fairly concerned that their kitty was snoozing in this contraption and each took turns checking on her.



Eventually Tequila laid down to keep watch while her kitty cat slept – or perhaps wonder why we don’t have a stroller she could fit in! 🙂


Eventually, the Princess arose from her beauty sleep and posed for the paparazzi (aka – mom).  Seriously, could she look any more regal sitting in a stroller, lace draped out the side with a glittery gold backdrop?!


And this isn’t the first time she’s shown her approval of my prop and décor finds.  She also declared this antique wooden box suitable for her royal hinny!

I’m so glad she approves. Her parked rump is much more appreciated than the dog’s use of my couch throw pillows as dirty paw rests! But such is life with pets. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We Robot!

We are now the proud owners of a robot, thanks to a fantastic trade I made recently – a photo session and some cash for a like new Roomba!  We had been considering purchasing one for some time but just couldn’t pull the trigger due to the hefty price tag, so when I saw one on a local buy/sell page I offered a trade and the woman selling agreed.  Luckily, the model she was selling is designed for pet hair and she still had all the accessories and manual for it.  RoombaBathroom

It’s been interesting to see how we’ve all adjusted to having a robot in the house.  The hubs and I often catch ourselves welcoming Roomba when it enters the room we are in or complimenting it for docking itself when in need of charging even though we know it’s just a machine.  We’re just friendly like that I guess.  I do find it funny that the Hubs refers to Roomba as ‘she’ while I say it’s a ‘he,’ but either way I’m really enjoying not having to vacuum as often.


The fur babies were not quite as excited about the new intruder.  Luna wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and would watch from a distance, then run off if Roomba got too close for her comfort.  The dogs on the other hand thought Roomba was a fabulous new toy that they should play with by jumping and barking.  They were pretty frustrated when Roomba ignored them and continued on his cleaning mission.


Now that its been a few weeks, they’re no longer excited about it.  In fact, now it’s often the fur babies who ignore Roomba.  He can bump into the furniture where Luna is napping and she barely even opens her eyes!  The dogs have given up trying to get Roomba to play and usually step right over him when he’s in their way.


Although he’s a bit louder than I anticipated he does a pretty good job of picking up all the pet hair, which is a big improvement for my allergies and makes me feel like the house is cleaner overall.  Granted he doesn’t get everything so I still vacuum once a week, but I no longer have to cover every square inch of the house.  Instead I focus on the corners and edges where Roomba sometimes misses spots.  Now that we’re back from traveling I just need to program his schedule so he will clean and charge all on his own and I don’t have to remember to turn him on each day.

Do you use a Roomba or similar product?  I’d love to hear any tips or tricks you might have, especially if they make life even easier. 🙂

Christmas at the DB&DT House!

Merry Christmas!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Here at the DB&DT home we had a fun time introducing Bacardi, Stoli and Luna to Christmas presents, which they all got to open themselves.  Bacardi wasn’t too sure about the idea at first, but she eventually figured it out.


The excitement made Luna a little unsure, so she hid out under the tree while the dogs opened their gifts and then proceeded to act like toddlers on a sugar binge.


Eventually she came out to see if there was something for her to open.


And seemed fairly pleased that there was several items with her name on them.


The first was this fun fishing pole toy from Uncle Mark & Aunty Mere!  She was ready to pounce as soon as she saw it!


Now that she had this gift opening thing figured out she moved on to the next present, one from mom and dad.


She had to dig to the bottom to find it!


And almost thought the bag was the gift!


But it was actually a play tunnel!  I think she thought the bag was better at first…


But curiosity won out and she decided to investigate.


She explored slowly and didn’t seem to notice the window in the middle.


Probably because she spotted something interesting at the other end, which she quickly attacked!




Big sister Tequila wasn’t to happy about her kitty kat being hidden inside this new thing.


Even when she could be seen in the window.


Big brother Stoli was also worried about his kitty.


Luna however, wasn’t too happy that they could peek in at her.


But without a doubt, the tunnel was the biggest hit of all the presents, keeping the dogs and the cat – as well as the hubs and myself – entertained!  The hubs gets all the credit for picking this one out!  But all that play eventually made for some tired kiddos and humans…


So we had to take a break before opening the rest of the presents, which included more toys and fun.  We wrapped up the day with a walk in the snow and a yummy Christmas dinner followed by special treats for the kiddos.  I look forward to many  more Christmases this this goofy group. 🙂