The Royal Carriage


Recently I was editing client photos in the office and heard the sound Luna makes as she’s falling asleep nearby, but she was no where to be found.  I looked around and soon discovered she had curled up in the antique baby carriage I’d recently brought home as a newborn prop and put in the corner of the studio.  Not only was she a perfect fit for the little stroller, but she seemed so comfy she didn’t even open her eyes when I moved a box sitting next to the carriage.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pull the carriage out a bit and quickly put up a backdrop to capture a few shots.


I might not have newborn shots of all my fur babies, but this ranks right up there with that!  Her siblings were fairly concerned that their kitty was snoozing in this contraption and each took turns checking on her.



Eventually Tequila laid down to keep watch while her kitty cat slept – or perhaps wonder why we don’t have a stroller she could fit in! 🙂


Eventually, the Princess arose from her beauty sleep and posed for the paparazzi (aka – mom).  Seriously, could she look any more regal sitting in a stroller, lace draped out the side with a glittery gold backdrop?!


And this isn’t the first time she’s shown her approval of my prop and décor finds.  She also declared this antique wooden box suitable for her royal hinny!

I’m so glad she approves. Her parked rump is much more appreciated than the dog’s use of my couch throw pillows as dirty paw rests! But such is life with pets. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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