Don’t Mess with Momma Moose!

Hi there,  remember me – that crazy gal who writes this blog?  I’m still here, I’ve just been held hostage by real life recently and haven’t had a chance to share much the last few weeks. So here’s a quick recap. The hubs got pretty sick with a nasty head cold and cough that he still has yet to totally kick. I had to fly to the tiny town of Ketchikan, AK for a grand opening of a new branch last week and the day before I left I developed pink eye due to excessive congestion (similar to the hubs) that seeped into my tear ducts! This week it’s started snowing and I’m in the midst of a huge online and live charity auction at work and am finally – hopefully – kicking the congestion that’s been plaguing our house for the past three weeks. Somewhere in there we still managed to get several projects done and a couple more lined up, I just haven’t had time to edit photos and sit down to put words with them. But that will be coming soon. I promise. 🙂

In the meantime, today I thought I’d share a little encounter we had with the neighborhood moose recently. The hubs was off and had been home all day, but I had just gotten home from work.  He told me that a momma moose and yearling had been hanging out around the back yard on and off during the afternoon and as I looked outside I saw they had returned so I grabbed my camera and stepped out on the back deck to get a few shots.


Now that I was outside, the dogs became fairly determined to let the moose know they were on guard duty. She wasn’t impressed and stood her ground on the back side of the fence.


When Stoli attempted to show some dominance by jumping and barking, she gave him a big snort and stomp as a warning, which he obviously ignored.  Seeing that momma moose was agitated we commanded him to leave the fence and come back inside, which took several attempts because he wasn’t happy about leaving a threat near his turf unattended.


That was when Bacardi decided it was her turn on guard duty and started to patrol the perimeter.


Momma moose took one step and Bacardi quickly realized she was no match, and she came running back inside before we even had a chance to give her a command.  Smart girl!


Momma moose continued to stand her ground for quite a while with occasional snorts in our direction, but eventually wandered off into the woods to find a quieter location to forage.


Typically the dogs barks keep the moose at a distance and we don’t have close encounters like this, but fall is their breeding season so I can understand why this momma was more defensive. Luckily we were home and able to monitor the situation so there was no physical contact between them.  Now that the dogs have learned not all moose run off with a few barks, hopefully they’ve learned to keep their distance from the fence when they come in close like this – especially when we’re not home!   It’s always a delicate balance of respecting the wildlife, knowing that we’ve claimed land they used to wander for our home and maintaining safety for both us and our pets as well as the wildlife that surround us, but it’s a balance we value highly and plan to continue. 🙂

Another Step Toward the Finish Line!

We went to visit the house again this weekend so I could see the placement of the tub in our bathroom and the fireplace.  Matt had seen both earlier in the week when he was there, and did bring home pictures, but I needed to see it in person to make sure all was well.  When we arrived we saw the plumbing had begun, with most of the major items already being run.

1  2
Laundry room plumbing and kitchen pipes with stove ventilation.

3   4
Kitchen sink lines and drain.  Vents for the laundry and kitchen up through the roof.

6Hall bath plumbing.

The Master Bath tub looked good in the corner, so I decided to take a seat and test it out.  That’s when I saw this face!  I’m pretty sure she was impersonating Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”!  Thank goodness that wall will be solid when everything is done! LOL
Tub  TubFace

We also noticed several heat duct openings, which we believe to be the returns, although there were several of them!  Including one in each bedroom and the great room.Register



The fireplace is looking mighty nice and so is my very large studio space.  We’ve confirmed it’s just a smidge smaller than our Master! 🙂
Fireplace   Studio

FireplaceWideHere’s the view of the fireplace from the dining room/kitchen.

While we were there we tested out some furniture arrangements with scrap wood.  I think this layout of the chair and couch will work the best as I plan to have a table or dresser behind the couch for storage.

The back of the house is starting to fill with the necessary exhausts for the HVAC and fireplace but there should still be plenty of room for the hot tub we plan to install outside our Master Bedroom!

And just to prove that there are moose in the neighborhood we spotted this cow on the way to the house as she crossed the road because apparently it IS greener on the other side.

I explained to her that while I welcome her in my yard for more photo ops, if I catch her eating my flowers and garden plants we’re gonna have to make some less moose friendly arrangements.

This was the response I got.  I don’t think she much cared.