A Weed by Any Other Name


Although weeds are usually something you don’t want in your garden, sometimes waiting to see how they turn out is worth the risk.  Case in point is this lovely Jewel Weed (aka Touch Me Not) I found blooming in my gifted garden.  I’m not sure where it came from, but I love the delicate yellow flowers that bloomed late this summer.  After a bit of online research, I’ve learned that it’s actually a very useful plant, being both edible and a natural remedy for skin irritations because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and fungicide.

I’ve decided to leave it alone and see what it does next year, which I hope is return bigger and fuller.  I’m certainly game for a 0 maintenance plant that not only fills my garden with lovely flowers but has a host of beneficial uses!


The other ‘weed’ in my garden this season were some pretty German Impatiens our neighbor gave us.  I didn’t know anything about them other than her instruction that they needed to be planted very soon. I had some empty holes in my front flowerbed at the time so that’s where I put them.

They started out as 4″ tall sprouts, but within a few weeks they were chest high without an ounce of effort on my part!  Once again I turned to the internet for information, where I learned they can be invasive – not surprising given their super-fast growth rate. They are also another variety of Jewelweed (Himalayan Balsam) so they have similar skin irritant remedy properties and are edible.


I knew they wouldn’t work in the space where I had planted them, so I moved them to the hillside near the rain garden where they have plenty of unused space they can fill. Now that we have these helpful plants I’m thinking there’s a good possibility that raspberry sangria, with basalm and fireweed garnish will be the signature drink on our deck next summer!  Do you have common weeds in your garden that you love?  Tell me about them with a comment below!