Quick & Simple Hanging Lanterns


Yesterday I promised to share the second little update I did to the brick pillars, and here it is!  We originally planned to build an arbor over the pillars but the Hubs started to get concerned that the high wind we occasionally get might require additional support with a post behind the brick column.  That didn’t fit with my vision of the original plan so I came up with a simpler option.


I’d been eyeing these cool lanterns at Lowes all season and finally had a spot to use them.  I picked up two along with metal Shepard’s hooks and some battery operated outdoor candles, which were on end of season clearance.  I knew I wanted one lantern to hang over each of the pillars so the hook needed to be positioned in the middle of the back of the pillar.  Unfortunately they have a second support stake that sticks out forward from the main post so I couldn’t just push them in and call it done.  I tried turning them sideways so the two support stakes were along the back of the pillar but I couldn’t bend the hook enough to have it hang over the pillar like I wanted.  So I finally conceded that I had to take apart the pillars in order to install the hook with the support stake inside the pillar space.


Luckily, I realized I could take off just the back of the pillar by carefully removing the bricks that overlapped every other row.  Once I had the stakes in the ground I put the bricks back together over top the connecting bracket for the two supports.  It was a little extra effort but it works perfectly and ultimately makes the hooks more stable because they are held down by the stack of bricks and sit flush to the back side of the pillar where they shouldn’t get pushed or moved.

I put the two potted plants on the ground next to the pillars so the tops of each can be used like a side table when relaxing in this spot.  I like how they make the columns look more permanent so I might be placing my burlap pots over here next year with some trailing flowers!  As for that faux rock we started this whole project with, it found a use covering the leech field pipe nearby.  If you look closely in the photo above you’ll see it beyond the fence.  From a distance it looks real and keeps the whole area from being cluttered while you’re supposed to be enjoying the view.


The Hubs had already purchased materials to build the arbor we originally planned so we’ll re-purpose that idea and supplies to a similar project over the back gate or perhaps for a new special project he’s been talking about recently.  I won’t spill the beans on that just yet, but it will be a big project for sure if it does happen this season and of course I’ll share it here once it’s done.


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