The Wheel Bed


I finally put that amazing rusty metal wheel the Hubs dragged home for me forever ago to use!  It’s now the centerpiece of our new garden bed where the two metal bed frames I found junking recently also found homes.


The wheel will serve as a support structure for two cucumber plants and the bedframes will be perfect for the peas to grow up and attach to as they climb.


Above all this rusty goodness is a Kokopeli figure, who used to be cloaked in an obnoxious multi-color western pattern.  Nothing a coat of spray paint can’t fix!  Now he compliments the rest of the metal tones in the bed.  And hopefully he works his fertility magic to make these plants grow large and strong to produce a good crop!


I created the bed using some stone edger blocks and backfilling over the grass with dirt left over from the chicken yard install, topped with garden soil.  I added a few marigolds and lobelia along the front of the bed and finished it off with two metal pieces sculptures I found when I salvaged the bed frames.


Now I just have to water and wait until everything becomes an amazing lush harvest!  Luckily, this is a low spot in the yard so it should get extra watering from runoff.  Hopefully that will mean we don’t have to wait quite as long. 🙂


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