Foster Room Art Wall

I’m still sorting through Hawaii photos and collecting my thoughts so I can share all the things we did with tips for those who are planning trips which I’ll share in several posts next week.  Until then, I thought I’d give you an update on some of the projects we completed in the Foster Room before our trip.  One I really like are these simple art display boards.


I needed something to fill the large empty wall, but also wanted it to be changeable with the seasons and each child’s interests without costing a lot so when I saw this idea on one of my favorite blogs I knew it was the perfect answer.  It was such a simple project that I did it all while watching TV and didn’t take any photos of the steps, but here’s the quick run down:

  1. Stain or paint pre-cut boards with favorite color.
  2. Screw in eye bolts at each end of the board.
  3. Loop gauged wire through the eye bolt and twist back on itself a few times.
  4. Pull wire taunt across the board to the other eye bolt and cut to appropriate length.
  5. Loop other end of wire through second eye bolt and twist it back on itself a few times.
  6. Adjust wire and eye bolts as needed to make wire tight. (I used pliers to tilt the eye bolts outward a bit for some extra tension.)
  7. Add small metal clips to the wire for hanging art.


It’s the perfect simple solution and it can double as a spot to display little artworks to be oohh’ed and ahhhh’ed over.  For now I put up some simple dog and cat art I found online as placeholders.  I think the total cost came in under $30 and I have a third left over board stained and ready to be used for another project.


Tomorrow I’ll show you what we set up below these boards for more display and storage space so check back for that!


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