Fairy Tale Ending for a Pumpkin

This little DIY pumpkin was a happy accident, which is why I don’t have a true before shot. I bought this white craft pumpkin at Michaels last year and used it without doing anything to it, but it wasn’t quiet fitting in with my other décor this year.  I was about to add it to my sell pile but decided to give it a chance and added it to the batch being chalk painted instead. Although that did tone down the bright white it still wasn’t jiving for me.


As I added gold touches to the several of my vignettes, I remembered I had some gold craft paint leftover from a past project and decided to give it a try. I opted to use the rose gold rather than the true gold because it felt a bit warmer.


I just started brushing it on, applying a thin coat and then adding a bit in some areas, primarily the grooves, as the mood struck me.  Once that dried I painted the stem with some more left over craft paint I had on hand and suddenly that simple white pumpkin looked pretty darn glam!


And it was the perfect contrast to my rustic wooden DIY pumpkins from last year in the entryway!  It’s a pumpkin Cinderella story – from unnoticed to belle of the ball!


Did you have any happy accidents while decorating or crafting recently? I’d love to hear about them, so leave a comment below!


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