Goin’ Pickin’

PickinLast weekend I attended a special sale of antiques and vintage finds brought back by the Alaska Picker on their recent trip to the lower 48.  They previewed most of what would be available on their Facebook event page in the weeks prior to the sale to get everyone excited.  For overly organized peeps like me it was the perfect way to develop a game plan.  There were a couple of items I was interested in, but my main goal was to snag one of the Dr. Pepper wood crates they’d found in a large batch of various soft drink crates.  There were only three available so when I arrived on site before the sale started I staked a claim to a spot where I could bee-line for one.

When the air raid siren sounded to mark the beginning of the sale I jumped into action and was the first to grab one.  A woman behind me quickly claimed the other one visible in the stack next to the one I’d pulled mine from.  I never did see the third one.

Once I had my treasure clenched in my hands, I browsed around a bit and spotted this fun folding chair for just $22.  I wasn’t sure where I’d use it in the house, but knew it would be a fun prop for my photography sessions so I added that to my haul.

Before I made my way inside to pay I also spotted some funky little metal drawers.  I thought they’d look great in the office holding the hub’s odds and ends.  And at $6/each they didn’t break the budget, so they came home too.

In the end I only spent $85 – not bad with all that was available!  I did pace myself a bit since I will be attending the massive Funky Junk Sister’s Junk Salvation Vintage Market in Puyallup, WA later this month when we visit family nearby.  And I know I’ll be making a large purchase at the Alaska Picker’s sale this fall, when they bring back an old windmill they found on this trip as a special request from me, but didn’t have room for!  I plan to hang it as art on a large bare wall in the guest room, just like I’ve seen done on my favorite HGTV show, Fixer Upper!  You can be sure I’ll share both my haul from the Junk Salvation Market and the windmill wall art once they happen! 🙂


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