A Minion Pedestal


Remember a while back we had our family minionized?  Well now that the desk is complete it was time they found a permanent home where they could be on display.  I also wanted them to have a little platform to sit on, so when I saw a small unfinished wood plaque in the dollar bin at Michaels that was just the right size, I snagged it.  I did the same finish on the pedestal as I did on the dog bowl stands, starting with a coat of stain, then some grey paint and a light sanding for a bit of distressing.  It’s the perfect mix of rustic and modern.


They live on my side of the desk, between my “inbox” and my supply caddy.  From across the room you don’t notice them much, but up close they just make you smile. And now that they are out in the main living area rather than our bedroom, guests can see them and enjoy them as well, which makes me even happier. 🙂




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