Christmas Light Show

I love seeing the Christmas lights along my daily commute including a large fishing boat that has been outlined down the road and a solitary evergreen along the highway that a group of “Secret Santas” rigged to light up despite being in the middle of nowhere. And this rig swagged with lights amid traffic made me smile.


But my favorite is a neighborhood light show I can see from where I meet my carpool group. I usually arrive a few minutes early and park facing the neighborhood so I can tune my radio to the frequency they broadcast coordinating music on. I’m always bummed to see the van pull in because it means I have to leave my happy cocoon of Christmas spirit. The hubs and I drove through the neighborhood to get an up-close look over the weekend and enjoyed the free candy canes provided as you enter. Here’s a little taste of what we enjoyed.

Checking out Christmas lights is one of my favorite holiday traditions and even though he might grumble about putting up our outdoor lights the hubs has said that he would love to set up a ‘light show’ like “The Christmas House” we used to visit while in Kodiak. I’m totally game for that, so long as we stick to Christmas lights and don’t end up being this house! 🙂

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