Our Big Massive Shed Update


The hubs has been working very hard the last few days to get this project finished and just has a few details left to wrap up.   There were a few hiccups in the process, but it looks amazing, especially since he did it all by himself.





Luckily, now that the roof is complete and the siding is up, except one spot in the back wall, he can start taking things out of the garage and putting them in the shed. Which means I’ll soon be able to park in the garage again – something I’m very excited about with winter snow just around the corner.  And now that it’s done we can start cleaning up the job site.  All the debris and tools laying around has made me twichy the last few weeks, so I’ll be glad to get everything organized and tidied up before winter sets in.


Finished Inside

There is one spot on the front above the door where he pieced together two scrap pieces rather than buy a whole extra sheet of siding, so he’s going to caulk that seam to make it less noticeable.  Then he plans to add some trim over the siding joints and around the corners to finish things off.

Finished 2

Another big project checked off the ever expanding to-do list.  Now he gets a little breather, before we tackle another. 🙂


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