Getting My Sale On…

Back before Christmas I swung by the Payless Shoes in Wasilla after stopping at a store nearby.  I had a gift card and figured I’d take a quick look to see if there was anything I might want.  Turns out there was something I needed – on sale.  I snagged two pretty clutches for future work events at just $6 each along with a pair of heels in nude and the same pair in black.  Work wardrobe staples.  After the sale, a coupon the cashier applied because I had to wait for them to fix the register and my gift card I spent less than $10.  Oh yeah, that’s my kind of shopping.


I was especially happy with the clutches because I’d been on the hunt for one like this the week prior for my company Christmas party.  When I couldn’t find one I opted to have my hubby hold my basics since I was running around managing the event anyway, but it’s a good item to have at the ready should I need to attend a gala or other upscale event – either for work or fun!


And the gold one is just too pretty to pass up, especially at that price!  I think it will look FAB-U-LOUS with some of my purple dresses for a fancy smanchy date night one day. wink, wink 🙂


Shortly after this the hubs got my crown molding shoe rack installed in the master closet.  Another Pinterest find, this rack was meant to hold my heels since my flats are kept in the cubbies he installed in the closet shelving.


I insisted that he choose a molding that stuck out farther than he originally planned because that’s what the Pinterest image showed, which turned out just fine, but some of my smaller heels have to be delicately perched so they stay put.  Although if we had gone with a smaller molding I think some of my taller heels wouldn’t have fit, so it’s a trade off I guess.


I used the space below the rack to hang some of my larger costume jewelry that doesn’t hang well in my jewelry cabinet.  Right now they’re just hung on clear thumb tacks, but I might use something a little fancier before it’s all said and done.  Until then, thumb tacks seem to work just fine!


I do plan to paint the molding, but haven’t decided what color just yet.  Options include white (to match the rest of the closet shelving & trim), gold (to coordinate with the gold accents in the master bath) or purple (just because!).  So what do you think of the rack?  Have a color preference?  I want to hear it!


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