Waiting on Go

I really HATE waiting.  Sometimes I think it’s because of my creative personality which tends to flit from one idea to the next and is already onto another by the time someone else catches up, but deep down I think it’s because I perceive waiting as inefficiency – my #1 pet peeve.  Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of practice waiting on things, especially over the last few years as my husband and I sat in “limbo” waiting to see what would happen with his military career due to a knee injury.

So obviously, patience is definitely not my strong suit.  It’s an on-going lesson plan God and I will likely continue until I enter those pearly gates.  And what little patience I do have is wearing thin on the eve of our move to the new house.  There is still plenty to do and prep before the movers arrive tomorrow morning to begin packing.  We have a re-inspection and final walk through to complete tonight.  Packing of the ‘necessities’ for during the move must occur this evening and we’re still getting all the utilities and mail delivery arranged for the new house.  But with all this still to do I was sitting at work this afternoon with all my projects wrapped up, watching the moments tick by and wishing I had a fast forward button.

If I did, I’d zip right to the inspection tonight and hit play to listen in and confirm all systems are go, then fast forward through the walk-through so I wouldn’t hear the little details that will hopefully be handled before we arrive Friday morning to start unloading.  I’d certainly skip over the entire process of packing, sorting and unpacking until we’re working on the final boxes and things were neatly organized in their new home.

Although I’m excited for the move, I’m still nervous after all the delays and issues we’ve had with the builder.  I’m sure once we’re in and settled my ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ attitude will disappate, but it’s still not ‘real’ to me yet.  The entire project has been a dream for so long that it’s hard to beleive it’s really happening.  And it’s happening NOW.

I plan to document the move and the first few projects once we’re in – but it might take a while to get them posted as we still have to figure out internet access at the new house.  The options are fairly slim because we ARE in the boonies and the prices are steep to set up new service where there wasn’t a connection before, so it might take longer than we hope.  I’ll still be posting on Facebook thanks to my cell phone, but that might be it for a while.  So stay tuned and be sure you’ve liked my Facebook page to keep tabs on all the details in the mean time.


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