Light at the End of the Tunnel?!

Today’s visit to the house today began with a completely finished roof!




And to top that, there was a crew inside muding and taping the drywall!



We didn’t want to interrupt their progress, so we didn’t stick around long, but we were amazed at how fast they were working thanks to some nifty tools!


Tool  Tool-Stilts

That TapeTech gizmo was pretty darn impressive.  It loads mud via a hand pump and then applies mud and tape together via a trigger!  And those stilts had built in springs to make walking in them feel so natural the guy said it didn’t take him more than 5 minutes to get used to it.


We didn’t see this tool in action, but it supposedly makes doing the inverted corners lightning fast.


And of course what’s muding without mixing batches of mud?  A simple drill with an adapter makes quick work of that task too.

The house was pretty darn warm inside too, even without a heater!  It was actually so cozy that the guys working cracked the slider door open because they were getting hot.  Hopefully that means that we won’t have major heating bills!  Plus a higher energy efficiency rating will make us eligible for a bigger rebate after we close!


We also discovered an outlet right next to the garage door, which we hadn’t noticed before.  That will be super handy for outdoor decorations and projects!  Now if only someone can tell us what the heck this outlet near the ceiling in the garage is for!  It’s not the garage door opener because there’s one for that on the ceiling in the middle of the door.  Any ideas?



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