The Endless Salad Bowl

CloseI decided to stop by one of my favorite Anchorage stores – Alaska Mill & Feed – on my birthday, just because.  Little did I know they had a gardening oasis in the back!  Hydrangea, lilacs, daisies, iris, salvia and even forsythia, which I didn’t know would grow here! It made me wish we were moving into our new home sooner than we likely will, so I could get my ‘stock’ going.  Unfortunately all of my containers are currently full and I’m about out of room for more around our rental.

I did however find this salad bowl.  I’d heard of the concept and actually planned to create one when we moved.  It contains a mix of lettuces for a perfect combination of greenery for salads.  Some were marked Alfresco Mix and other City Salad Mix.  I honestly have no idea what the difference was other than the city mix had more of the dark red lettuce, which I’m not a huge fan of.  When I saw they were marked $29.99 I decided to take one home because I couldn’t buy the bowl, soil and plants to create the same thing for less than that.  I went with the Alfresco Mix and chose the one with the least amount of red lettuce, just due to personal taste.

So now we have fresh lettuce for salads anytime we want!  A perfect combination with it’s neighbor, the cherry tomato plant.  And the best part is that the more we pick from it, the faster it should regrow!  Now the trick will be keeping it alive all winter indoors!  Good thing the dogs don’t seem to have a taste for salad.  LOL



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