Our First ‘Harvest’

Tomatoes2  Tomatoes

Tomatoes&RanchOur cherry tomato plant I mentioned in my last post has now produced it’s first harvest!  Albeit meager, it was sweet and juicy!

And it was the perfect compliment to this homemade ranch recipe we recently tried.  I found it on Facebook and decided to upload it to Pinterest for later.  I’m sure glad I did.

My hubs, the hobbist chef, liked it, so I think this one is a keeper – both the man and the ranch! LOL!  We added a bit more dill than it calls for, but that’s just to suit our taste.  My one issue is knowing how long to keep the ‘liquid’ batch once it’s made as there is no suggestion on that in the recipe.

We also halved the recipe since we don’t need such a large quantity for just the two of us and still have enough dry mix for at least 3-4 more batches.  So it’s highly economical too!  Tasty and practical.  That’s my kind of recipe!


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