Home Goods Bowl Takes On Pottery Barn Rival

PB I spotted this adorable ceramic basket on PotteryBarn.com way back when and pinned it to my Wish List.  I didn’t really have a purpose I intended to use it for I just thought it was pretty and would be functional decor, but at $50 I just couldn’t justify the splurge.  I considered watching to see if it went on clearance closer to Easter, but like most of the PB items I adore it sold out and was no longer available long before it would have hit the clearance tab (sorry that means no link).  So I kept an eye out whenever browsing stores to see if I ever found something similar.

BowlWhile visiting my mother-in-law I made the obligatory visit to Home Goods and it’s a good thing I did because I spotted this for just $12!  Granted it’s a little different but overall it’s a pretty good stand-in.  It was available in white but I liked the green better and I’m glad I picked it because it goes well with the rest of my kitchen decor where I decided it shall become our fruit bowl, which sadly doesn’t see much fruit on a regular occurrence!  Not to worry.  It will make a fine addition to my St. Patty’s and spring decor vignettes next year!


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