Well hello there beautiful!

When we knew we were moving I sold my husband’s beaten up leather office chair.  Mostly because it was MASSIVE and would take up room we just couldn’t spare in the moving truck but also because, well it was ugly.  Really it was.  Plus I had grand plans for my new office/studio which included pretty new upholstered chairs in lieu of the standard task chairs often seen at a desk.

BackAnd so once the office was unpacked and functioning with a yoga ball in place of a chair, I began looking.  I had previously seen several chairs I liked at Pier One so that’s where I started the hunt.  And of course I found something that caught my eye.  A beautiful brocade backed PURPLE chair, which I remembered admiring during several previous trips to Pier One.

Never mind the fact that it was on TOP of a large display shelf.  So I asked an associate if they had one on the floor that I could try out and she quickly found one.  I did glance at the price tag which was quite a bit more than I wanted to pay but once I sat in it.. it was game over.  Not only does she have good looks and luscious curves, but she fit me like a glove!

I did a quick once over to make sure there weren’t any defects on the one I’d tested and as I did I suddenly had a second associate in front of me who pointed out a slight discoloration on the top which I hadn’t even seen.  They promptly checked inventory and had their stock guy bring out two more to inspect.

FrontI spent the next 30 minutes checking out each chair in this style available in the store with my little entourage of associates who had become my own concierge.  We even had the stock guy climb up and pull down the original chair I had spotted on the overhead display!  And then he offered to buff out a small scratch he noticed on one of the legs.  Once we all agreed that we had selected the BEST one available the stock guy whisked it away to be wrapped in plastic until I could pull up to the loading doors after checking out.

And my delightful experience didn’t stop there.  Luckily they had some big sale going on and I ended up taking this beauty home for HALF what the tag said.  I seriously think I did a little dance right there at the register.

Upon arriving home I discovered this beauty was a true super model, barely weighing enough to realize that you’re carrying it!  Which was very convenient when I hoisted her over my shoulder and carried her upstairs.  Not only does she fit under my make-shift desk (sadly just a folding table), but she pulls double duty as a potential photo prop!

Ok.  I know it’s just a chair.  But it honestly does make me smile every time I walk into the office.  I’m all about filling your home with things that make you happy and serve a purpose and I feel like I hit the jackpot here.  And it doesn’t hurt that she’s a total pin up! 🙂



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