Our Cutlass Heirloom

My husband inherited his father’s Navy cutlass and wanted to display it somehow. I knew there were sword stands that would work and researched a couple online. I originally planned to have a custom one made by the same artist who made his coin holder, but the price was a bit excessive for something that wouldn’t get much notice. At one point the hubs considered making a stand, but that would have required several new tools – which was probably his real motivation – and time that could be spent on other more important projects.

When I found a basic wooden stand on a discount website I ordered it right away. Unfortunately, I soon got an email that they wouldn’t ship to Alaska and had to cancel the order. I searched on and off for the next few days and finally found one for about $15. A few dollars more for shipping and it was on it’s way.


It’s definitely not fancy, but it does the job. And because we display the flag from his dad’s service in front of the sword you really don’t see it anyway. Together they make a simple display to honor his dad.  And I find it fitting that the custom art I had created from a drawing of the hubs in service hangs above them both.


Want some history on the traditions of the Navy Cutlass? This website details the origins of the Navy sword and it’s demise with the advance of modern warfare.