Something New Underfoot

KitchenRugs2When we decided to do vinyl floors throughout our house due to my allergies and desire for easier cleaning I knew I’d be on the hunt for several area rugs once we moved in. It’s been more difficult than I imagined finding just the right rug in the right size at a price I can swallow, which is why none of our bedrooms have rugs as of yet.

However, I did find some smaller accent rugs for great prices at CostCo while in Portland. When we first moved in I used two brown memory foam rugs we had in our master bathroom at the rental in the kitchen. They worked ok, but they required constant cleaning and didn’t play well with the vacuum. Plus they tended to wander across the floor with the assistance of running paws. I’d considered getting some of the fancy gel mats you see at the specialty kitchen stores, but just couldn’t justify $200 on such a small item. So when I spotted these knock-offs for just $14 I quickly plopped two in my cart.


Although they aren’t quite as nice as the specialty store variety, they feel good underfoot, stay put where placed and don’t surrender to the vacuum. I occasionally use a Lysol wipe to get any lingering dirt, but overall they have been a perfect fit for this spot.

ClosetRugMy next bargain find were these runners at $10 each. I planned to use one in the master closet and one in the laundry room, but they were a little too narrow for both spaces, so I paired them up to cover the access panel in the closet floor. Eventually, I want a single rug in here that either matches or coordinates with what I select for the Master Bedroom, but at just $20, this will work for now.

The hubs pointed out some indoor/outdoor mats similar to what his mom has in her garage since I’d mentioned how I liked them. I thought they were a little pricey at $20, but I knew it would be a good option for the back door where the dogs come in and out. I was glad to see that it covered the large opening, plus a little extra, so it catches dirt from both paws and feet, as you can see.  It’s certainly reduced the amount of dirt making it inside!


I almost bought a second for the laundry room, but I was pretty sure it would be too wide and not long enough. I decided I’d try the one in the laundry room first and if it did fit then it could stay there and I’d check our local CostCo for another for the back door. But my assumption was right and it just didn’t fit the space properly, so the hunt for a long, yet sturdy runner for the laundry room continues.