Look Ma, No Wires!

Ok, who decided to hit the fast forward button this week? I blinked Monday morning and now it’s Friday afternoon without a single post! Anywho, I’m here now and wanted to share another No-Spend January project.  Several months ago the TV in our family room started having speaker issues, so I agreed that it was time to replace it. The hubs researched options and found the exact one he wanted at Best Buy just in time for one of the fall holiday sales. Unfortunately, when he arrived at the store they didn’t have any in stock, despite the website showing several available at that location. So the sales associate made him a deal, a bigger TV for the same price! And do you know what my hubby said to that? “Well I didn’t really want a TV that big….” Say what?! He’s got to be the first man in history to ever have that thought cross his mind let alone his lips. And that’s why I love him. Still, it was an offer too good to refuse and he came home with a monster 50” TV.

The old TV, which we sold to recoup some of the cost of the new one, left room on either side for my decorating but this new behemoth filled the entire top of the TV stand. I don’t have a picture of the old TV in the space, but you can see how large the new one looked in the background of this shot.


I suggested we hang it on the wall so it wouldn’t feel so massive once I did the gallery wall I was planning for the space, plus that would leave the top of the TV stand available for decorating improve the view of the screen from the dining table. 😉

I’d pinned another blogger’s post about mounting her TV and hiding the wires which I showed the hubs. He liked the idea and ordered the kit we needed online. It arrived right before Christmas, just in time for a few days off he had planned. He installed it while I was at work one day so I don’t have any pictures of that process (apparently it’s impossible to hold up a huge TV and take pictures of doing so at the same time. LOL), but it’s fairly simple. Attach bracket to the wall, then attach the TV to bracket. That’s about when I got home and said “but what about the wires?”

Although he was hesitant to put a hole in the wall, I insisted the wires needed to disappear and not just be camouflaged. A few days later he consented and cut two holes – one behind the TV and another behind the TV stand – so he could fish the necessary wires through the wall. Here’s the end result!


Soooo much better! Just look at all that open space on the TV stand just begging to be decorated for Valentines! Oh, and that extra speaker thing now has breathing room (cough, cough).  Another improvement is the side view, which is seen from our entry way. No more mess of wires behind the stand.


Now I just need to finish prepping a few items for the gallery wall and figure out the best layout for them around the TV. I’ll be sure to share that project when I do!  After that, I plan to replace the current TV stand with something like this for more storage. But that’s projects for another day. 🙂