Don’t Fence Me In

We knew we’d  install some type of fence at the new house to keep the dogs contained on days when they stay home and we are at work, we just weren’t sure what type we’d use.  It needs to be solid enough to keep our hooligans in and the wildlife out, but not so much that it impedes the rural setting and views.

My first round of research led me to this post and metal bar style.  I like it, but it’s a little too contemporary for our taste and it felt a little heavy.


Then we spotted this chain link and wood style in a neighborhood where our builder has other homes under construction.  I’m not a fan of chain link, but because it was colored and paired with wood it looked ok.  It still seemed a bit much though.


The next option I found during a wedding photography gig at a garden.  The owners had installed his post and cable system after fighting the local moose population for years and loosing.  They told me they had fenced approximately 10 acres for about $7,000 by purchasing used cable from a contact who worked with the seismic monitoring station.  Apparently the seismic equipment requires new cable after a certain amount of use so they sell off the used wire in 1,000′ spools!


Even better than the price was the fact that it blended in with the vegetation so well, you had to purposely look for it in some areas of the property.  Plus they said that they hadn’t had a single moose in the garden since the fence had been installed.

I showed the hubs this idea and he was impressed.  We may have to put the lower strands closer together to keep the dogs from going through, but that’s not a costly or difficult change to include.

Now lets just hope we get into the house before winter hits so we can install enough to let the dogs enjoy the backyard during the day!