Getting FLOR’ed in the Master

I’ve been wanting a rug in our Master Bedroom since the day we moved in almost 4 years ago.  But I was in no hurry to disassemble our large captain’s style bed to put one down underneath of it.  Luckily reading another blogger’s post about creating an area rug with FLOR carpet squares sparked an idea – why not create a rug AROUND the bed using carpet squares?!  I posed the idea to the Hubs and he was on board so we figured out how much material we needed, selected a pattern and had them shipped to my mother-in-law’s house due to Alaska shipping costs.


The Hubs drew out a diagram for the layout and put them together one afternoon while I was out with photography clients.  He said it went together relatively quickly and easily.  You just line everything up using the markings on the back of the tiles to keep the pattern flowing correctly and then connect them in each corner with the adhesive squares FLOR provides.

You only notice the seems if you look really closely, which I’m pretty sure no one who is in our bedroom does.  😉  I LOVE the traditional neutral coloring in the pattern we picked out because it will go with so many things, even if I change up the colors in this space in the future.

We also bought enough extra tiles to create a runner in the closet over the crawlspace access panel.  We haven’t added the adhesive corners to this set up just yet, as we’re still trying to decide the best placement for a break in the joints so it’s easy to move when we do access the crawlspace.

But even without the adhesive corners it stays together pretty well and looks good.  Plus it’s nice and soft under foot, which I appreciate when I’m getting dressed in the mornings.

We’ve still got a little stash of extra tiles just in case we ever need to replace one, but the best thing about these are that if one gets stained you can pop it out and wash it in the sink!  That’s the perfect choice for a household full of pets like ours.

I’m loving the look so much that I’m considering ordering more to do a rug around the guest bed as well and perhaps in the main living area where I currently have a large outdoor rug just inside the slider to the backyard!  But those can both be projects for our long cold Alaskan winters.  I’d love to hear what you think of the new look, so leave me a comment!

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