Urban Junktion


I recently attended another local pop-up “junk show” and thought I’d share a quick recap.  This one was called Urban Junktion and was held at a sports complex which was much larger than the fairgrounds building where the Alaska Chick’s Vintage Market was hosted.  Several of the same vendors from that event were here, but had different items for the summer season.

Although I wasn’t able to commit a whole weekend to have a booth at the show, Anne-tiques who has done several furniture projects for us did and offered to let me put some of my smaller pieces at her booth to accessorize her furniture.   That arrangement worked out pretty well since I still made more than I spent at the show and I was able to get in before the doors opened to the public to help her set up.  Once we had things pretty set I made a quick lap of the other booths to earmark which items I was interested in checking out since I had limited shopping time due to photographing a wedding that afternoon.


There were lots of rustic home decor vendors with a variety of items from furniture, to signs and vintage or re-purposed items.  The host of the show had an amazing booth that I was so busy shopping I didn’t take any photos of the set up, although I did snap a few of the cool display on the backside of her booth with this wonderfully styled mannequin and little soldiers with a great message.



I also spotted a basket of shoe horns at her booth that look quite similar to the ones I just inherited from my grand father!  I’m not sure what I’ll do with mine just yet but it was cool to see someone else appreciate these types of items.


This jerry can bench also caught my interest since we have one jerry can already from my unplanned picking adventure earlier this summer.  I’d considered making mine a lamp but if I could find a matching one this would be a fun option.


One of my favorite vendors, The Alaska Picker was there with awesome unique builds and vintage finds.  I love the truck beds they have been making and wanted this awesome cart for my deck so bad, but just couldn’t justify the $200+ price tag on my current budget.



Another piece I was lusting after was this metal John Deere tractor and trailer.  I could just envision it in a garden with flowers hanging over the sides of the little trailer, but at $300 it was out of my “garden art” price range.


I almost bought this fun pendant light made from an old funnel neck can.  It was priced right at $35, but I couldn’t think of where I’d use it in our house so I decided to leave it for someone else to treasure.


But here’s what I did buy.  A cool wooden wheel, a metal scroll piece and a fun birdhouse garden stake.  I’m still not sure where I’ll use the wheel and scroll piece but the birdhouse has already found a spot in the garden, which I’ll reveal once that area is finished.



It was a great experience for both the shoppers and the vendors, even though it was hard to compete with Alaska’s summer time activities.  It’s definitely a perfect showcase of the talent and creativity in our region and it’s makes you realize it’s a community all it’s own.  Check out the Urban Junktion Facebook page to see more photos of the event and all the cool little details I wasn’t able to capture in my quick visit.  Hopefully, there will be more events like this in our area so I can shop and photograph more great set-ups!


One thought on “Urban Junktion

  1. Those shoe horns are almost exactly like the ones you now have. The wicker basket they were in is a basket I have now taken from my mom’s place, but mine has a lid. Love shows like this and love you posting all the kool stuff from them.

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