It’s Curtains for the Foster Room

Before we left for Hawaii, we checked one final project off the list – installing a curtain rod in the Foster Room.  You may remember these green curtains from our Master some time ago, but when we replaced them with something new (seen in the background here) I stashed these away thinking they might somewhere else.  Looks like I was right.  To be honest they aren’t really curtains – they are actually table cloths, as are the new curtains in our room.  I prefer to use table cloths because they are less expensive, typically dirt & moisture resistant and come in long lengths to fit our high ceilings.  Plus they are washer friendly so I can take them down and run them on the sanitary cycle to help combat my severe allergies.


The curtain rod is more industrial pipe just like what we used on the bed and other projects such as this, this and this.   We’ve found that this is best option for window treatments in our house since the dogs and cat like to play in the fabric occasionally and kept ripping the screw mounted brackets of traditional curtain rods out of the wall.


The hubs put the pipe pieces together with a 90* elbow on each end to give a bit of depth and made sure to put the curtain rings on before mounting – that’s a key step in this style of rod since it’s more permanent.  Luckily the ring clips add a little extra length to the overall effect and making taking the curtain down or switching them out super easy.  Here’s a closer view of the pipe and ring clips.


Now we just need to install a closet system and finish up this side of the room.  I’m on the hunt for a small dresser for the left side of the bed since the side table I picked up and revamped isn’t working out the way I planned it.  I’ll share that project soon as well.  The closet is next to that space on the right of the bed where the stools currently are.  I’m planning a fold down desk in that spot, which can also be a chalkboard!  Someone gave us a second twin mattress for the trundle under the industrial cart bed, which was a little thicker than we planned for so we’ll have to adapt the trundle frame to fit a bit more clearance.


The fabric you see at the bottom is the thin blanket currently protecting the sheets from the bed frame.  Although it works, the color isn’t right for this space so I’ll swap it out for something else when it’s all finished.  I think we already have a blanket that will work, but I’ve got to test it out before I commit it to this purpose.  Luckily having a blanket on the trundle eliminates the need for a bed skirt so it serves two purposes, and you know how much I love things that pull double duty!  The two standard pillows against the wall work for the main bed and trundle while the king pillow in front is an extra in case there are friends who stay over with a sleeping bag.  I plan to let the children who stay with us pick out throw pillows to add to the bed so they can show off their personality and interests a bit, then have something they can take with them when they leave our home.

I’m loving how this room is coming together and the fun industrial vibe it’s developing.  I’m hoping to have it wrapped up in the next month so we can start the final preparations to become foster parents.  It’s going to be a big change but I’m sure it will also bring big rewards for both us and those who’s lives we’re about to be a part of.


4 thoughts on “It’s Curtains for the Foster Room

      1. I doubt they still sell them 😦 I’ve been eyeing the ones at Arhaus and they’re upwards of $800. I let my Costco membership lapse probably a year ago and never renewed. I miss it.

      2. I bought it in the fall of 2015 so it’s possible they still do. I think they carry them all the time, or at least seasonally since a coworker told me about them approximately a year before I bought mine and the price was the same as what she described. If you have a Sams Club membership I’d look there too. Good luck!

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