Gallery Wall Additions


Howdy strangers!  It’s been pretty busy around here lately, which doesn’t leave much time for projects or posting, but I did manage to get a few more items added to our on-going gallery wall in the family room.  This collection is definitely a work in progress and will evolve over time as we add to it, but it means I’m always on the hunt for special pieces to add.


I finally put up the metal numbers we got at the Great Junk Hunt and love them.  I chose 907 because that’s Alaska’s area code and is representative of the lifestyle here.  I wasn’t sure about the different colors and fonts at first, but overall it works and if I ever want to change it up I can paint them all to match.


I also added one of our favorite photos of Tequila and Sangria listening to the ice in the bay.  It was previously in the gallery wall in the dining room so it was ready to hang once I chose a spot for it.  It fills the spot between the metal D and the fireplace perfectly and because it’s level with the TV we see it daily. 🙂  Below the D I added a little Alaskan art, in the form of a framed postcard I picked up at the Seward Sealife Center when the hubs and I went there with our friends.  This piece was in the guest room as a table top frame, but I’m changing a few things up in there so I had the hubs pull off the support piece and hung it here instead.  It’s just the right size to fill the awkward spot between the fireplace switch and the TV and I like that there are a few smaller frames to balance out the larger items.

Even with these additions, there’s still plenty of room on the wall to fill.  I’m considering a couple of favorite quotes to create a simple text canvas piece and plan to add a frame where I can rotate seasonal chalkboard prints.  I’d also like to add a few circular and odd shaped items like antique bread boards, wood slice art and maybe even a driftwood cross to keep a balance with all the rectangular frames.  I’ve got a couple of options in my project pile so we’ll see what makes the cut!


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