Slinky + Embroidery Hoop = Peanut Squirrel Feeder!


When we first put the bird feeder out we had a kamikaze squirrel who took up residence on the branch it hung from and kept up a constant chatter to proclaim his turf.  Of course he only wanted the sunflower seeds and would knock everything else out of the way to get to them, thus most of my bird seed mix ended up on the ground wasted.

I quite enjoyed watching his aerobatic endeavors and didn’t want to shoo him off, so I decided to make a feeder just for him.  I’d seen metal hoop peanut feeders for WAY too much so I scouted Pinterest until I found a DIY version using a slinky, which I just happened to have thanks to the $1 zone at Target.  I picked up a small plastic embroidery hoop at Michaels for  few buck with a 40% off coupon and paired the two together with a key ring to keep the two ends connected. It was that simple.


Although she didn’t offer any assistance or guidance, Luna supervised my work and gave it a good inspection before it was filled.


Since I used a small slinky and hoop, I only needed about a half bag of peanuts to fill it completely.

FeederPeanutsNow that the fence was  mostly done I added my plant hooks and hung the feeders from the raised posts.  This gives Luna the perfect vantage point to supervise who visits each feeder.


And safely watch what her siblings are doing without being in their midst!  It is pretty funny watching her get to this lookout though – since she can only jump high enough to get her claws in the top board.  After that she gets an ab workout hauling herself up.


I’m sure these hooks were intended to be used with the flat side as the top, but it felt more secure to have the hook curl over rather than under.  And I’m pretty sure that the birds and other critters partaking in the buffet won’t give two hoots which way they sit.BirdBathI haven’t seen squirrely squirrel back since I put the feeder out and no one else seems to appreciate my handiwork just yet, but I’ll leave it out because soon their food sources will grow scarce and they’ll  be on the hunt for yummy things to stash away for those cold winter days. 🙂




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