Front Porch Rockin’

I’ve always loved the look of white rocking chairs on a front porch and I vowed when we started building our house that I’d have one on mine before long. I spotted several at the home improvement stores when the patio furniture displays went up, but wasn’t ready to pay $100+ for a rocker, so I kept my eyes open for a bargain elsewhere.

A few weeks later I found this wooden rocker on the local buy/sell page for $30. That seemed like a pretty sweet price, even though I’d have to sand it down and paint it white. So I brought it home and it sat on my porch all summer, just waiting for it’s makeover.


I blinked and summer was over and I still hadn’t started the rocker’s transformation. But sometimes procrastination pays off. Just as I was starting to make my supply list for the project I spotted some outdoor rockers for sale on the buy/sell page. Granted the price being asked wasn’t a deal, but as I calculated the cost of the supplies to do the update I realized I wouldn’t be saving much by doing it myself – especially when I factored in the value of my time being diverted from other projects.  I decided to see if the store might have them on clearance yet and sure enough they did. The ready to assemble, already painted chairs were now $88 and with our military discount I got one for just under $80.

I sold the original chair for $50 within a day of posting it, so my total investment is just under $60! Still cheaper than the retail price and about what I would have spent to finish updating the first chair without hours of prep, sanding and painting.  The hubs did a fantastic job assembling the new one and now it’s looking lovely on the porch next to my lovely milk can side table. It’s a pretty impressive combo when you realize I got both for less than $125 and they will adapt to each season’s décor!


I’ve already enjoyed a few sits to enjoy the view of the mountain down the driveway – which is a MUCH better way to spend my time if I do say so!


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