Taking the Plunge In Honor of a Friend

We recently lost a dear family friend, Dick Ossey, after a long battle with cancer. Although I was sad to get the news, I was so glad we’d gotten the chance to visit with him on our recent road trip.  The hubs and I have decided to honor his memory by participating in the 2015 Seward Polar Bear Jump Off, which benefits the American Cancer Society. The event takes place in January and is a spectacle of participants dressed in wacky costumes plunging into the near freezing waters of Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. Luckily another good friend lives there and as the local Assistant Fire Chief, he oversees the safety of all the jumpers. And the local Coast Guard unit where the hubs was once stationed will be on hand, so I feel pretty confident that I’ll survive the experience.

Although I’m not looking forward to the moment of being submerged in icy water, I am excited about some costume ideas I’ve already conjured up. Of course there will be something purple involved, but I don’t want to give away the surprise just yet.

But there won’t be any costumes unless we raise enough sponsorships to be eligible to jump. As a team of two, we each have to raise a minimum of $750, $500 of which has to be turned in by November 30! That means the clock is ticking! We will be asking friends and family to support us in this adventure to honor the amazing fight that Dick made. If you would like to donate to our team please leave a comment below with contact information or message me on the DB&DT Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DustBunniesAndDogToys.


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