Let It Grow!

At last, the dirt patch we call a backyard is on it’s way to becoming a lawn! But it definitely took some prep work. After we installed the fence posts to mark where the yard would be, we cleared the space of sticks and large rocks to avoid having the mower kick up such things during the first cutting.  We also had to rearrange the dog run panels so they could still go outside, but stay off the seeded area.  Here’s what it looked like in preparation for the hydroseeding.




And here’s what it looks like with the seed down!  Ok so, it’s not that different, but hopefully, that green coating will turn into a lush beautiful lawn over the next few weeks.




Luckily, it’s rained on and off just enough since they sprayed to keep the seed damp, but not wet like they suggest.  The tech also suggested we lime the area, which we’ll do this weekend with a hand spreader.  The yard still isn’t totally level, but the lay of the land does let water drain away from the house, past the leech fields and out toward the natural gulley on the other edge of the property, all while “watering” the lawn in the process. Plus having a small hillside creates the perfect ‘bank’ for the dogs when they do the Puppy 500!  There was a section of rocks near the deck we weren’t able to get moved before they arrived, but we plan to add a little top soil over that once the grass gets established, which will help level

Notice the progress on the fence in the after photos?  Yeah, LOVING that!  The hubs does good work!  He still has a few sections to do and three gates to install, but we can get that done while we wait for the grass to start coming in.  The posts will be cut down and capped with these pretty copper toppers I found at the box store when it’s all done.  I may have him leave a few a little taller to accommodate hooks for bird feeders and such.

Once the lawn has come in and it’s tough enough for the dogs to be on we’ll take down the dog run panels and they will have free reign of the entire space.  The area they are currently using will become a pea gravel patio with a fire pit at the edge and a deck off the master to match the one the builder provided.  I also plan to put flower beds like the one along the side of the house around both decks to soften the edges.  The empty space on the other side of the house will become our garden, which will be fenced off so roaming wet noses don’t help themselves to the bounty of produce I envision having.  Of course a good chunk of that plan won’t happen until next summer, but that’s alright.  I know it will happen eventually and that’s what counts.


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