My Macy’s Personal Shopper

Did you know that Macy’s offers a free personal shopper service? I heard about the program last year and scheduled a session when I was in Portland last fall. The process was super simple, I just sent an email to the address on the website and within 48 hours I was in contact with a personal shopper associate who asked questions about my style and expectations.

When I arrived my shopper had a selection of items already pulled for me based on those conversations. I was a little worried that she might just push their new or designer products, so I was very pleased to see several clearance items among my choices.

As I tried things on she offered feedback on how each item looked and styling suggestions. She also brought alternate sizes for several items and because she knew exactly where everything a located in the store she was often back with the new size before I’d changed into the next outfit!

She was also able to look up items in the computer to find out if they came in alternate colors and if they weren’t the store if they could be ordered. Those that I chose to order were shipped directly to my home for free!

I was a little surprised when she politely declined the tip I offered saying they aren’t allowed to accept tips and confirmed they don’t work on commission. I guess Macy’s just believes in good old-fashioned customer service!

I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to do it again this trip. This time around I worked with Lori, who started the appointment off with a home run on a pair of leopard print flats, which I had told here I had been wanting for some time. And they were on sale!

That was the only item she pulled ahead of time. Instead she chose to have me walk the floor with her and choose items together. I really liked this option because I did miss the fun of browsing the racks and grabbing things that caught my eye last time. She let me wander the different departments, but kept me on track making sure we also got items I’d told her I was in need of ahead of time.  And she rang everything up in multiple orders so I got the most savings possible with the coupons I had! That impressed me even more.

I ended up finding just about everything I was looking for, including a few last minute requests I asked for upon arriving!   Here’s a few of the items I picked this time:

So if you’re looking to update your wardrobe or just need something particular, I highly recommend the Macy’s By Appointment service.  It’s like shopping with a girlfriend, but without the drama. 🙂


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