The Magic of Kohls

I hadn’t been to Kohls for some time, but swung by before our trip to pick up some new camisoles with a 20% off coupon. There was a great sale going on and in addition to the camisoles, I ended up finding several amazing bargains, including several new costume jewelry pieces and a dress that should transition right into fall with several cardigans I already have.

I also used the in-store kiosk for the first time ever to order an item they didn’t have in my size in the store. Shipping was free, I got to use my coupon and the process was fairly quick and simple. A quick scan of the item’s barcode took me right to an order screen where I selected the size and quantity I wanted, then scanned my Kohls card and coupon. My only complaint was that the screen was a bit finicky when I was entering my address and email information, but I’d use it again for sure.

When I checked out with my in-store purchases my savings were more than my total spent thanks to my coupon and clearance finds. That always confuses my hubby, who just can’t understand how it’s possible. When I mentioned that to the cashier, she said “That’s the magic of Kohls!” I have to agree.


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