Mad Hatchers

We purposely chose to live in the boonies because that was the lifestyle we wanted. Unfortunately the tradeoff is a lack of nearby places to enjoy a dinner out, so when the hubs and I spotted a new restaurant just a few minutes from our house a few weeks ago we were excited to give it a try.


We weren’t sure what to expect, but anticipated we’d likely find an ok burger and fries. The exterior was unassuming, but very Alaskan. The Alaskan feel continued inside with large wooden tables and benches.   Upon second glance though, I began spotting Alice in Wonderland décor, including a large mural of an anime version of Alice on a toadstool, intermixed with the Alaskan elements and quickly came to realize how the name Mad Hatchers had come about.

The menu included pizzas, burgers and appetizers – all with Wonderlandesque names. We ordered stuffed mushrooms and burgers, although the pizza selections were mighty tempting. When the stuffed mushrooms came out I knew we’d found a new favorite place. Filled with cheese, a delightful sauce, spinach and topped with olives. They disappeared down the “rabbit hole” so quickly I didn’t even get a picture of them!

The burgers came with thin sliced fries which were seasoned just right. And it was a generous portion too. So much so, that I couldn’t finish it, although I very much wanted to! Plus that heaping pile of pickles was just right for me.


Beyond great food they had decent prices and down-to-earth service, which means we will certainly be back. I’m thinking that we’ll try a pizza next time, so I can take home what I can’t eat – because I will certainly order those delectable stuffed mushrooms again!

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