Kiss My Glass

I recently discovered a local artisan who does stained glass pieces and ordered this beautiful whale for my mom’s birthday.  The hubs catch a glimpse of the piece before I shipped it off and was a bit upset that we weren’t keeping it, so when the artist posted a new pattern of two whales with special multi-colored glass I knew I wanted one for our home.

Even though she follows a pattern, each piece turns out a bit differently, due to the glass variations and hand crafting.  She can also create custom pieces like this, which I’m remembering for later! 😉

I decided to hang our whales in the guest bathroom, where I have all the nautical décor.  I had been feeling like there were too many fish in there with the fish plates on the wall and the hanging fish in the window.  I simple adore my fish plates, so the hanging fish had to go.  Now the glass whales hang in their place look a million times better!  Plus the colors coordinate perfectly with everything else in this space.



The artist calls her side business, Kiss My Glass Alaska.  Isn’t that the most perfect name ever?!  It was so great that I had to borrow it for the title of this post!

You can see other designs she’s done on her Facebook page and while you’re there be sure to click like so you see future creations too!

I’m a huge proponent of supporting small business, especially as a small business owner myself!  These kitchen table shops make a huge impact on the economy and directly support American families, rather than line the pockets of corporate tycoons.   And it doesn’t hurt that they make the world a prettier place too!


One thought on “Kiss My Glass

  1. I sincerely appreciate your business and am very happy to see you are enjoying your whales. That glass is just amazing and my all time favorite. So unfortunate that it is no longer in production. Thank you for the kind words and for sharing my work. Sincerely, Stephanie

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