Bringing a Little Bacardi to the Party

Our little family will be growing by four more feet in a few weeks when we adopt a new baby blue heeler!  A woman we met through a local buy/sell page had a litter of blue heeler puppies and was expecting another, by accident.

We contacted her about the dogs and got good feedback so we made arrangements to meet the expecting momma dog and see what her personality was like.  Although she wasn’t very social with our dogs – who could blame her a week from her due date – she was well behaved and definitely people friendly, especially when those people gave ear rubs.

The woman who owned momma dog was excited to hear that we had a Rottie as well, which is the other breed in their home.  She also liked the fact that we are previous heeler owners so we know what to expect and have plenty of space for such an active breed.  She liked us so much that she told us we had first pick once the litter was born!

A little over a week later she emailed me to say there had been 3 boys and 3 girls born the day prior.  We knew we wanted a girl, so she sent pictures of those three.  One was all white with just a snip of black on the tip of her ear.  Another had a black mask on her head, but no other spots.  And the runt had a black mask with several body spots.  Including one shaped like an upside down heart on her side.



We discussed it and unanimously agreed we wanted the runt.  As you can guess by the title of this post, we decided to continue our alcoholic theme and name her Bacardi.


She will be ready to join our family in mid-April and we’re excited to see how everyone reacts to her.  Baby momma’s owner says momma and the pups are all doing well and although little Bacardi is by far the smallest, she’s a fighter and does get some one-on-one time with mom.  Sounds like she will fit right in around here.



Hopefully, the Alaskan spring will appear soon after she comes home and we can get the yard finished so everyone has plenty of space to romp.  Regardless of weather, I foresee many puppy photos in the near future! 😉


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