Stoli Style

Because our new fur baby, Stoli doesn’t have the same thick coat his sister Tequila does, he can’t handle the winter weather quite as well.  But like any kiddo, he wants to keep playing so he’d stay outside, shivering just to play. Rather than make them both come in sooner, we decided to get him a coat so he’d stay warm while in the snow.

Finding something that stays on even when he’s bouncing and running, but doesn’t break the bank were my top priorities.  Luckily, we spotted a rack of dog coats on clearance at Target a few days later.  There were a couple of options that would have fit him, but the hubs nixed the “preppy puffer jacket” and the “pumpkin orange” ones right off the bat.  That left a Carhart-esque green jacket that covers his back and secures with Velcro around his neck and under his belly.  It seemed like it would stay put and at $11 it was the perfect price.


We tested it out the next day with a romp in the front yard, where he lept and ran and bounced and even did a shake from his nose to his nub.  Through it all the new duds didn’t budge, not even a centimeter!   He doesn’t seem to mind wearing it at all, but I don’t think he’s realized that it helps him stay warm just yet.


I’m not sure it truly classifies as a coat since it only covers his back.  Perhaps it’s more of a cape, but it does help him stay warm, which means he can enjoy more playtime outside.  And more playtime means a very tired puppy at bedtime, which means a full night of sleep for mom and dad. And that is well worth $11!  🙂



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