Finding My CHI and My Lucky Streak All at the Same Time!

I’ve had a CHI flat iron for about 2 years now and love it.  I was first introduced to the brand when I borrowed my mother-in-law’s iron while visiting her and instantly knew I wanted to upgrade from my ‘bargain brand’.  Unfortunately, it recently developed a short where the cord connects to the iron.  I first thought it had popped the fuse because it wouldn’t turn on, so I hit the rest button on the plug with no success.  But the heating indicator light came on when I moved the cord, so although I was able to continue using it with the cord strategically positioned, I knew the end was in sight.

I originally thought I’d hold out for a black Friday sale, but then I saw a purple CHI flat iron on sale at JC Penney while browsing a beauty look book in my Shopkick app!  (Seriously, if you don’t have this app, get it now.  It’s become an obsession for my hubby.)  Same awesome brand, but in purple and on SALE from $95 to $74.99?!  Um OK!

The only JC Penney around is downtown, which always means parking hassles and traffic, so I wasn’t looking forward to the shopping trip, but it was worth it.  Luckily the hubs was off and wanted to run errands with me, so I let him drive on the snowy roads.  This was just the beginning of my lucky streak.  Not only did we find a curb-side spot right by the door, but just as we were about to put coins in the meter a woman passing by explained that you don’t have to pay the meters on the weekends!  Say what?!  If I’d known that… nah, I still wouldn’t like driving downtown.

Once inside we collected our ‘kicks’ and then were quickly directed to the salon by a Bieber look-a-like (figured if anyone would know where it was, it’d be him! LOL) and the sales lady there knew exactly what I was looking for when I asked.  She also helped us get an additional 20% off for being retired military on Veterans Day weekend and explained the warranty on my old CHI would probably be honored if I sent it back to them.  More good to know info!

And the cherry on top was realizing that the new iron came with a free gift – a bottle of CHI silk infusion serum!  Score!


I’ve used the new iron twice now and am pleased with how it performs.  It’s a little different than my old model, in that the indicator light and on/off switch are on the inside of the iron rather than the side.  It doesn’t have a heat selection option like my old iron did, but I honestly never really changed it other than when I’d bump it accidentally and then wonder why my iron wasn’t very hot! So it’s not a feature that I really miss.  The cord on the new iron is also much longer than the old one, which I appreciate.

I’ll be contacting CHI about my old iron to see if there’s anything they can do about that.  Wouldn’t hurt to have a spare  on hand – maybe I’d even keep it at work for those days when the weather kills my style. 🙂


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