Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat

I’m so exited to have a laundry room again in the new house. Our rental did come with a washer and dryer, but they are in the garage, which doesn’t make doing the laundry very convenient.

As I mentioned in a previous post about our appliances, we’ve purchased a brand new LG washer and dryer which will be a huge improvement on the machines we had in military housing and in our current rental. Our landlord actually bought the same model we did for his new home! The new home will also have a sink in the laundry room, making treating all those doggie slobber stains super easy.

In true “type A” style I already have several plans for this space. The first is building a platform like this to eliminate bending to see into the machines, while creating a system for laundry sorting that stays tidy and out of the way since this will be a walkway to our garage.

Since our builder just plumbs for the sink and doesn’t install one, I plan to get this for the nice deep sink and storage underneath.

We will have additional storage with cabinets above the washer & dryer in the same color and style as our kitchen. There won’t be a cabinet above the sink due to the window there, so I want to install a drying rack that will open over the sink. Maybe a DIY like this.

As for decor, I plan to keep it simple with the same funny signs I had in our laundry room in Kodiak. That will give me a color palette of muted red, blue and yellow. I may update that later, but it’s not high on the priority list as there are plenty of other projects that need attention first.

And once all that is in place, it will be a steady routine of wash, dry, fold, repeat! 🙂


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