Quick Update


I made a final stop by the house today to see if there was any progress since last week before heading out of town for our cross country road trip.  Unfortunately, although the fall leaves down the driveway were sure pretty, there wasn’t much progress to report.  The roofing and electrical are still MIA, but the gas line had been installed on the side of the garage, the siding on the front of the house was almost complete, the man door had been installed in the garage, the front porch columns are taking shape and the siding patch for the dining room windows had been fixed.



I think we are officially a month behind schedule now, although the foreman is still thinking they will be done by November.  I guess he plans to go gang-busters once they get the roof done and can start work inside.

In addition to the foreman, I met with our realtor and the new electrician (the previous one apparently quit) to go over the plan for everything.  The new electrician says he will start tomorrow and have everything done by the inspection on Friday.  The roofing material is supposed to be delivered so the roofer can start that this week too.  We’ll see.  I might just be sending some friends over next weekend to check.



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