Roller Dollies


3My hubby is what you’d call the ‘handy’ type.  He knows a little bit about a lot of things and a lot about several things.  So when we needed to fit his retirement gift – a side-by-side UTV and my truck in the same 2 car garage along with everything else stored there he came up with a quick solution – roller dollies!  Seriously, how smart is that?!

I wasn’t around when he made them to get shots of the construction (sorry no step-by-step instructions on this one), but it’s a pretty simple design – four boards and casters.  Yet simple as they are they are amazingly functional.  Those top two boards act as chalks for the tires once they are on the rollers.  See told you he was a smarty pants! Smarter than me because I never would have dreamed up such a great idea! 🙂

To use them, he jacks each tire up just high enough to get the dolly underneath then releases the jack and moves on to the next tire.  For now he’s using a small jack he had on hand, but will soon be adding a floor jack to his tool arsenal, which will make the process not only easier but faster.




8Once all four dollies are in place, a couple quick pushes or pulls (with his muscles because mine are apparently too puny) and the UTV is against the wall with room to spare for my truck and a walkway between the vehicles.  When it’s time to take the UTV back out for some fun we just do the same process in reverse.  Takes a total of about 10 minutes.

I find it adorable that he’s figured out the exact height of the UTV when on the rollers and keeps items ‘stowed’ just so to fit under it when moved back and forth!  I’ve taught him well! LOL

I can’t wait to see what that always thinking brain of his creates once we move to our new home!  Hopefully he doesn’t start to out-pace me in the DIY projects!



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