And so it begins!

DB&DT is now up and running… ok.. more like fumbling.  It took some doing to find a free template I liked, creating a new WordPress account and figuring out that in order to load said “free” template I have to host my site outside of WordPress.  So $36 later GoDaddy is tells me I’m “on the cusp of greatness” as I wait for them to set up my account and domain name.  But that means I’ve taken the leap and decided to really do this!  So stay tuned and we’ll get this thing figured out!


2 thoughts on “And so it begins!

  1. Honey, those blue flowers are ‘Takion Blue Bellflower’… otherwise known as:
    Campanula persicifolia “Takion Blue”
    Cut back at end of season….cold hardiness from -30 to -40 I think they’ll work for you!
    I’ll send you the info

  2. Dang you’re good! Even the rain garden conservationist lady couldn’t ID them! The place I got them from is offering more so I might just have to go get some to add to my little garden! 🙂

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