More Crafty Storage!

CraftShelvesI recently picked up some simple white floating shelves at Lowes and had the hubs install them above my craft cabinet for some additional storage. I originally planned to DIY these, but at $20 each it was worth saving the hub’s time for other more important projects. 🙂

Although they can only hold a few pounds, they are the perfect way to display some of my finished crafts and inventory as I prep for the upcoming holiday bazaars.  Of course what I display here will change as my projects do, but it’s nice to have a spot to show off my work or stash things that are “in-progress” while keeping my table top clear for working.

That roll of kraft paper you see on top of the cabinet will soon be mounted to the wall just an inch or two above the table surface so I have a quick and easy wrapping station as well!

Our Massive DIY Desk – Part I

From the moment we signed the contract to build our home I envisioned a massive wall-to-wall desk in my office/studio, with enough room for both the hubs and I to have workspace.  But that wasn’t a high priority project, so the DIY desk we fashioned from a freebie door and two filing cabinets while in the rental was serving the same purpose at the new house.  It was certainly functional, but definitely not anything amazing.


After moving into the house we’d purchased a few other filing cabinets to serve as the bases for the rest of the desk, but they sat collecting dust in the garage for months.  Then, a few weeks ago the hubs decided it was time to make room in the garage get this project rolling and purchased wood for the desktop.  He brought in the other two filing cabinets and then lined up the wood planks to form the top.


At some point we took the top drawer out of one cabinet and Luna decided that was the perfect hiding spot, at least until she realized it was right at doggy viewing height!  Tequila was very concerned that her kitty was trapped in the cabinet. 🙂


The hubs had prepped the boards with small biscuits to create joints between the planks.  He also predrilled counter-sunk screws down the length of the boards.  The combination of the biscuit joints and the screws make the entire top a sturdy and solid piece.



Here’s the new set up!  As you can see the desktop doesn’t go all the way to the wall on the near end, but that leaves room to install the sliding barn doors in the future which will allow me to close off the studio for clients when needed.


We still need to add molding around the bottom of the two new cabinets, add a pull-out shelf to the middle cabinet for the printer to sit on, paint all the cabinets white, stain the top and then install shelves above the desk for storage, but for now it’s just nice to have a little extra room for us both to work.  I’ve since found a new chair to replace the camp chair on the hub’s side, thanks to a great deal at Target.  Watch for a post on that soon!

My New Crafty Corner


I’m super excited to share my new craft cart with you!  Although I ordered it back in March with free shipping, the company insisted that offer didn’t apply to Alaska, so we had it shipped to my mother-in-law’s house in Washington, where it sat until we visited a few weeks ago.  It then made the long haul up the AlCan with my classic truck and took shape after several hours of assembly by the hubs.  But it was sooooooo worth it!

I’m still filling some of the drawers, but most are packed with my craft supplies.  I’ve been able to fit everything in this one cabinet, sans fabric – which will soon be organized and stored in a rarely used space, so watch for a post on that too.  The top two drawers have movable dividers which make organizing super easy.


I scored some favor tins at the craft store with a coupon sale to organize the little things like beads and buttons.  The clear tops make it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for and I still have a few empty containers to grow into!


I hung my cutting board on the side with a few hooks, so it’s easy to pull out and trim things quickly.  I plan to add a roll of craft paper above the cutting board for gift wrapping and easy cover for messy projects.


On the other side I put a hook for my craft bag, which holds my current craft project.  It’s the best way I’ve found to craft on the go. 🙂


I hung a few display boards above the cabinet and set my mannequin bust on one corner with a wire basket to hold prepped inventory.  The little ceramic pot acts as my trash can and a couple metal tubs hold recent projects that are awaiting prepping for their Etsy closeup.  A fellow crafter is making me an adorable owl tool holder, which I’ll be sure to show off when it’s ready.

Eventually, I’ll add some shelves above the display boards to hold some of my other display pieces and finished inventory, but for now it’s just great to have a dedicated space for creating.  Not having to first find the materials needed, then haul them out and set them all up, to craft for a few minutes and then have to gather it all back up to go back into storage again is HEAVEN!  I can be working on something and realize I need another material or tool, roll out a drawer, grab it and keep on crafting.  That alone inspires me to work on projects.

Even better is that we added wheels on the bottom so it can move!  I can pull it out into the middle of the room so I can work on a project from all sides or invite friends over for a craft session.  But the real reason for the wheels is so I can pull it out into the living room and watch TV with the hubs while crafting!  I did just that when I was organizing everything into it and it was perfect.  Now I just need the stool I want to go on sale, so I have a seat at the ready to serve as a crafting post or a photo prop!

An Organized Routine

If you’ve read this blog at all you know I crave organization.  Maybe I’m OCD, maybe I’m just weird, but whatever the reason, I need a routine and having a ‘home’ for everything.  It makes life less stressful when I know where things are and can find them right away.

That’s exactly why my morning routine needed some organizing.  I had all the items I use on a daily basis in the bathroom, but most of them lived under the counter and had to be pulled out one-by-one as needed.  Then I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs and had an epiphany.  I could put all of those items in one container and pull it out each morning!  When I’m done, I just put it back under the counter, out of sight.


It took a few shopping trips to various retailers, but I eventually found a three compartment basket made of vinyl.  Not only is it pretty, it’s durable and waterproof.  Perfect for daily use in a bathroom!  I organized everything into groups of how I use each.  First are the things I apply after getting out of the shower – lotion, deodorant, perfume.  All of my hair brushes and products are in the back compartment because they are usually taller.  The center compartment holds my toothpaste, jewelry cleaner and other items that don’t fit into either of the other compartments.

I also brought some organizing to my make-up drawer, by lining all my items up in the order I tend to use them.  Luckily, I keep it pretty minimal when it comes to make-up so I was able to keep it pretty simple.  I have a few items that I only use occasionally, so I keep them in the back of the drawer. This is the same drawer I described in my last post, where I used magnets to hold my bobby pins.


Have you organized your morning routine?  Do you have tips on what worked or advice on what not to do?  Share them below!