The Hubs’ New Desk Chair & A Few Other Bargains

Check out the hubs’ new desk chair! Isn’t it pretty?! I’m loving it, not only because it can also double as a photography prop (whoop, whoop), but because I got a great deal on it.  Originally marked at $218 at Target, I asked customer service to price match their website where I found it for $152.  And to make it an even sweeter deal I used a $5 off coupon, plus $10 in ShopKick rewards and got another 5% off thanks to my Red Card. Let’s just say I was doing my happy dance!


I also found a couple of other bargains on that shopping trip.  The first was this pouf, which the hubs has been enjoying using as a foot rest when he sits on the couch.  It’s indoor/outdoor material so it can be used on our deck next summer, but in the meantime it can also serve as extra seating when we have guests over.


I snagged a couple of bargain art pieces as well.  One became a little project I’ll share with you next week, but here’s the other.  I found this pretty little piece on clearance for just $7!  It was the perfect size for the blank wall next to the mirror in our guest bathroom and it fits the colors I’ve used in that space exactly.


Just another example of why I adore Target and shop there often!  I think the only way it could get better is if they would pay me to shop!  A girl can dream right?! :)

More Crafty Storage!

CraftShelvesI recently picked up some simple white floating shelves at Lowes and had the hubs install them above my craft cabinet for some additional storage. I originally planned to DIY these, but at $20 each it was worth saving the hub’s time for other more important projects. :)

Although they can only hold a few pounds, they are the perfect way to display some of my finished crafts and inventory as I prep for the upcoming holiday bazaars.  Of course what I display here will change as my projects do, but it’s nice to have a spot to show off my work or stash things that are “in-progress” while keeping my table top clear for working.

That roll of kraft paper you see on top of the cabinet will soon be mounted to the wall just an inch or two above the table surface so I have a quick and easy wrapping station as well!

Saving the Floors

After fixing the scratches from the camp chair in the office I decided to make my pretty purple chair more floor friendly since it has tried to leave marks on the floor as it’s moved back and forth as well.  The culprit was these little plastic “feet” on the base of each leg.  They weren’t really necessary, so I pulled them off.


That left me with a flat wooden base.  I was afraid that this might eventually get rough and also scratch the floor, so I decided to add a layer of protection with felt.


I cut a few squares from some scrap felt I had on hand and used gorilla glue to attach them.  The brown color blends in with the leg so y0u don’t even realize it’s there.


Now when I push the chair in or out, it slides on the floor without issue. In fact, it’s so nice I plan to do the same to all of our dining table chairs and bar stools.  Although I’m saving that little project for one day this winter when I’m trapped indoors due to weather!

Floor Scratch Removal

So remember that folding camp chair the hubs was using on his side of the new desk? Well it’s metal feet under the hub’s manly frame wasn’t very friendly with the floor…



Luckily, I have a secret weapon, a wood stain pen.  Although I purchased this to disguise any little dings on our kitchen cabinets, it works just as well on the floors and furniture.


I actually first used it on the bathroom floor after the hubs installed some molding at the bottom of the cabinet and his drill left a sizable divet in one of the planks.   I just colored it in with the pen and let it “soak” in.  Now that spot just looks like a small knot in the wood.  Of course you can find it if you really look for it, but because it blends in no one ever will. :)

In the office, I cleaned the floor so there wouldn’t be any dirt or dust in the scratches and then lightly ran a fingernail over each scratch to take off any small rough pieces of the vinyl left behind.  Next I just colored on the floor.  Literally, I just squiggled across each area and then drew a line over any scratches that extended outside the main group.  I let that sit for a few minutes then wiped off the excess with a rag.  Here’s the end result.


If you look really closely, you still might spot a few of the scratches, but if you were to walk past this area you’d never notice anything that would make you stop and look.  That was the exact reason we chose this flooring material.  It’s tough, so it’s scratch resistant and even when we do manage to scratch it, I can correct the problem quickly and easily!

Coat Check


Now that cooler temps have arrived the hubs and I are both wearing a coat each day. And those coats usually end up on the backs of our dining table chairs or barstools each evening because it’s a convenient location to leave them as we arrived home from work. It’s not a big issue, it just looked messy, which bugged me so I decided to figure out a solution.

Our laundry room is just off the garage so we pass through it every time we enter and leave the house. Although I’d love for this room to pull double-duty as a mudroom too, there isn’t enough room for both functions. But keeping our coats in check would be a nice compromise!

The idea initially came to me when I spotted a simple board with hooks on it for sale on one of the buy/sell pages for $10. Although I contacted the seller several times, she wasn’t responsive and then the ad just disappeared. I decided to look for something similar at local retailers and found one at Lowes for $28. A little more than I wanted to spend, since I could have had one for $10, but still not horrible.

I wanted to make sure it would be able to hold a bit of weight since we would be hanging coats on it, so the hubs broke out the stud finder and located the studs on the wall wall between the door to the garage and the door to the dining room.   A couple of screws and it was up.


It works perfectly, just enough room to hang a couple coats and my purse.  One day I might re-do this whole wall in board and batten with hooks farther apart, but for now this serves the purpose.


Our Massive DIY Desk – Part I

From the moment we signed the contract to build our home I envisioned a massive wall-to-wall desk in my office/studio, with enough room for both the hubs and I to have workspace.  But that wasn’t a high priority project, so the DIY desk we fashioned from a freebie door and two filing cabinets while in the rental was serving the same purpose at the new house.  It was certainly functional, but definitely not anything amazing.


After moving into the house we’d purchased a few other filing cabinets to serve as the bases for the rest of the desk, but they sat collecting dust in the garage for months.  Then, a few weeks ago the hubs decided it was time to make room in the garage get this project rolling and purchased wood for the desktop.  He brought in the other two filing cabinets and then lined up the wood planks to form the top.


At some point we took the top drawer out of one cabinet and Luna decided that was the perfect hiding spot, at least until she realized it was right at doggy viewing height!  Tequila was very concerned that her kitty was trapped in the cabinet. :)


The hubs had prepped the boards with small biscuits to create joints between the planks.  He also predrilled counter-sunk screws down the length of the boards.  The combination of the biscuit joints and the screws make the entire top a sturdy and solid piece.



Here’s the new set up!  As you can see the desktop doesn’t go all the way to the wall on the near end, but that leaves room to install the sliding barn doors in the future which will allow me to close off the studio for clients when needed.


We still need to add molding around the bottom of the two new cabinets, add a pull-out shelf to the middle cabinet for the printer to sit on, paint all the cabinets white, stain the top and then install shelves above the desk for storage, but for now it’s just nice to have a little extra room for us both to work.  I’ve since found a new chair to replace the camp chair on the hub’s side, thanks to a great deal at Target.  Watch for a post on that soon!

Juneau: Part V (Downtown)

The heart of Juneau is it’s historic downtown, which is still in transition, but has lots to see.  Many of the old buildings are being renovated and the main street has become home to a long line of shops for the many cruise ship tourists the city hosts.




There are nods to the region’s native cultures and natural resources throughout downtown such as this beautiful metal work on a small lot park, which depicted the story of the mythical seawolf’s relationship with his mother-in-law.  Read the story here.


Our favorite spot downtown was by far Tracy’s King Crab Shack.  Featured on Food Network, the crab shack is world famous for amazing crab bisque, which we not only enjoyed twice while in town, but took home thanks to frozen packs at a local grocery store!  The front portion of the crab shack features a fun gift shop with lots of Deadliest Catch momentos, including some very cool crab pot chandeliers!



I also spotted this whale tale mural piece above the display behind the register.  Although it wasn’t “crabby” it was still pretty cool.


I was too busy enjoying my crab bisque in the covered seating area out back on the dock to take pictures, but it was just as cool as the inside and was perfectly set up to contend with Juneau’s rainy weather.   The best part of our visit to the crab shack was their staff, who were certainly the friendliest we experienced during our trip.  Thanks to their website, you can experience their amazing products without traveling to Juneau, but if you do visit this unique city I highly recommend a stop here!